At the end of each year, I always do year review, it takes an hour maybe more, but gives great benefits and reflection to your life.

I do this for two reasons:

1. To summary all of the successes and accomplishments of the year.  To make sure, that I live great life!

2. To carefully review all of the failures, challenges, and goals that I came up short on.  What can I do better? What should I quit? What should I start doing more? This should prevent from mistakes or experience for next year.

What gets rewarded, gets repeated.  Success breeds more success.

In this post, you will see me reflect back and list all of the successes, celebrations, and lessons I learned from 2017.

There is A LOT more that has happened for me in 2017, but this list is what I came up with during an hour of reflecting back through my Attack goal planner and Diary. These are the highlights.

Watch the video of My Year 2017 review:


Successes of 2017

These are some of the moments and goals I am most proud of in 2017 and things I need to do better.

Money & Investing:

  • Overall year ended with profit and that’s always good.
  • Success with investing in Litecoin, ETH
  • Good stock portfolio
  • My company ended up with small profit
  • Earned passive income

Health & Fitness:

  • Played basketball weekly on winter, autumn and spring
  • Great workout month in USA
  • Did workouts more or less regularly
  • Tried DDP Yoga


Self-Development, Lifestyle, and Relationships:

Challenges, Struggles and Failures:

It’s hard to say these are failures, I look at them as more part of life. Some failures turned out to be great success. Sometimes bad things lead to good things, it’s just reality of life.

Money & Business:

  • Setting more realistic goals for some of the habits I set for the year – with travel and some unexpected events coming up, I wasn’t able to be 100% in sticking with them. Especially true in Miami, when I traveled to Japan, my expectations were more realistic.
  • Failed to invest in Bitcoin, when I already understood, that it will grow, but better later than never.
  • I failed to acquire investment for my big life changing projects, ended up giving up on them, which is not good.
  • My company didn’t grow at all this year. I didn’t pay atention to it, however it was still making profit.
  • I didn’t get additional source of income.
  • At times, lost some of the motivation and momentum towards a goals which I set out at beginning of the year
  • Lost some money on oppratunities, which were scam.

Health & Fitness:

  • I had a lot of drinks, but not so many, as in 2016.
  • My workout consistency was not very good, at the end of year my body fat percent was highest ever
  • Had a few too many “cheat meals” at times, especially after drinking.

Self-Development, Lifestyle, and Relationships:

  • Didn’t do enough visualization
  • Alacohol leads to burnout.
  • Committing to too much at times, need to say “no” more to things
  • Being lazy
  • Not getting any great benefit out of Miami month
  • Had some arguments with my girlfriend due my lack of self control
  • Hiring some help to grow my company

Top Lessons Learned And Breakthroughs:

  • Focus more on work, than goal setting
  • Set up systems for work and automate as much as possible
  • Do not drink, as it takes away your fullfilment and energy
  • If your life is not progressing, then you have wrong friends, quit bad friendships
  • Must constantly work on projects to get returns
  • Before moving onto new oppratunity, evaluate is it good
  • People often just take your time and you gain nothing
  • Stay consistent in all aspects of life.
  • Clean envoirement is better for yourself
  • When day is planned, you do much more.
  • Invest more into visualization.
  • Achieve not plan.

Overall, 2017 was ok year, however wished for more big changes in my life.

This is a list I came up with.  It’s amazing how much progress you can do in the year, if you just do task by task, goal by goal and do not restrict yourself.

2018 is going to be an even better year!  I can’t wait to share it with you.

P.S. Many people ask me how I set my goals and how I’m able to achieve so much every year.  I recommend using 100 Day Challenge program, which is great way to start the year.  I’ll be participating in it in 2018.  If you want to join me in starting off the year fast and strong, then CLICK HERE for the 100 Day Challenge.

If you’d like to learn how  I set goals, then I’m also hosting an in-depth Goal Setting Workshop this week, sign up on HERE for live stream.

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!


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