I had discussion with my family member, that some time ago, we always worked at the night. If I think about my job history, night time is the time when I feel most productive. I know there are people, who are early birds and that’s fine, however I often use night time as my working time. Let me break down the day and energy.

Early morning

I am out of the bed. Still feel tired and don’t have nothing going on for me without cup of coffee. Then I struggle to get to computer and drink some coffee. Overall not great experience. Don’t get me wrong, I do urgent tasks, but usually early morning is not the best time for work.


Day is on, then I have physical energy, but not mental. I can do workout, walk outside and enjoy the day, however I can’t do nothing which is connected to my brain. I just don’t have a drive. I been trying to do stuff, like learn something or do something productive, but end up wasting the day playing chess or something.


Usually after dinner I feel tired. I know, I need to cut back on eating, especially meat. Anyway, this is best time for me to take a nap or just spend with my girlfriend.


Usually best mental time. If I watch something motivational, then I can do lot more stuff. As well I can do much more at this time.


It’s on. It’s quiet, it’s dark, it’s night. I remember days, when I did most of the work at night, it’s funny, that night goes by really quickly, however I can do lot more stuff, than at daylight. Even I am writing this blog post at night. My mind wonders around the right way. I can focus and work. I don’t need to stop doing something, nobody tries to call me to distract, feeling good.

So if you are night person, don’t try become morning person. Night is beautiful time to work as well. The main thing that you do what you needed to do. Doesn’t matter if it is 1 AM or 1 PM. One more thing is that if you have great idea and inspiration before you go to sleep, don’t waste it. Get up and do it. You will be happy next day, that it is already done.