I learned some time ago, that it is very important how to start the year. If you start year drunk and then sobering up for first week, then year will be like big sobering up. You want to attack your new year resolutions strong, as start of new year usually is best time to do it.

I started first day with party, crazy party, second day was really getting into mood, to not fail in 2017. Get my things together. Get the right feeling. Third day, which is tomorrow, will be day, when I try to do max. Maximum effort for all my areas. I have lot of things prepared to do everything great.

It is wise to reflect on 2016, the quick review will give you perspective what failed in 2016 and what you did great. This is great thing to do, if you haven’t done it before. It just takes 15 minutes. I reflected on my finances, health, business, personal development and lifestyle. These were pretty much main topics.

I failed in lot of things in 2016, but did lot of things great. Especially adventures. Living in best part of Miami for 6 months is great by any means. If you want to watch my 2016 review, here is video for 2016 review.

Year 2016 review video Youtube video.

But most important is how to start 2017 strong, like REALLY STRONG! Here are my tips how to do it.

How to start 2017 strong? Youtube video.

Let’s start 2017 strong, as we don’t want another year, where you look back at lot of things, which you haven’t done. There should be just done and done things.


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