How to set goal for 2017, which you really achieve? It is hard on 1st January to realize, that you have set goals, which you haven’t achieved. Learn great guide how to set achievable goal for 2017 and reach your best heights. You probably make same mistakes as others, by setting up ton of goals, which you never ever achieved.

This guide will help you make 2017 great year and not just write down goals, but achieve them.

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Idea behind achieving and making 2017 great is just to choose one main goal. Main goal should be something, that you do, that you really really want. Here are 5 rules how to pick main goal.

  1. It should be big enough, so you want to achieve it and it should change your life in some way to positive. Choose goal you are proud of, if you achieve it.
  2. It should be measurable. If you want to loose weight, then write how much. Remember first point about being big. Everyone can loose some weight, but you want to do it, so it makes impact in your life.
  3. It should be done by end of 2017. You don’t want to make goal so big, that it can’t be done by end of 2017. If you want to get 10% body fat, then you must do it in period of the year. It is easy to calculate for any goal, as lot of information you can find on internet. Especially in special areas like weight loosing.
  4. It should be with milestones. You need to break down this goal by quarters and write milestones. Like example, if you want to achieve 10% body fat, but currently you are 20%, then first milestone in March would be 18%, in June 15%, in September it could be 12% and in December it would be 10%. That way you can see progress and don’t give up on motivation to achieve this goal. Especially after 3 months or more.
  5. It should have reason. Find the reason why you want to achieve it. If it is some simple reason, like to go on date or maybe you have photo shoot coming up or competition. It is nice if you can somehow add more motivation to your goal, by signing up for some event which would be possible only if this goal is achieved. Find your reason.

Rest of goals should be not forgotten, however they should support your main goal. If your goal is to loose weight, then making money should be to support it. Like example you need money to buy better quality food or get personal fitness trainer. Family should as well be supportive function, example don’t go to dinner with  your parents, but go for the walk around the town or do some sports activities together.

Have a great 2017! Let’s achieve our main goals.

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