Here is my simple plan for September 2017:

Categories that I have for September.

Construction- I have construction happening in my house, so I need to plan tasks for that. I was suppose to finish it before September, but got delayed.

My company- need to do some reoccurring tasks for my company. Should not take more then 6 hours total.

Money- my biggest flaw and thing I need to focus on the most.

Projects- have 3 projects which I try to get off the ground, will see how they go.

I am looking forward doing at least half of all those tasks and then I will be happy. If I get everything done I will be super happy!

How I decide what to add to the plan?

  1. I just basically write everything that comes in my mind.
  2. I categorize.
  3. I mark try to put them together, which I learned from Tony Robbins RPM planner.
  4. I do task by task.

If you want to see my September planning process and want to plan tasks with me using Evernote, check out this video:

Watch Plan with me September 2017 using Evernote

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