Today I want to share my planning method of RPM planner. Here you can find how to plan day using Google Calendar using RPM method which I learned from Tony Robbins. To find more about RPM method, check out my blog post: How to do Rapid Planning Method

Watch video on Youtube How to plan day using Google calendar

This post will show how I daily update things and put them in categories.

I find this method great, it works greatly with Google Calendar.

  1. I update few times a day. Sometimes plans change or you have something urgent you must do, so key is to not loose yourself in the daily distractions. Like example today, client asked me to change something in the website, which I did, but it took some time, so I had to reschedule some tasks, so they go together with rest of planned day activities.
  2. Save time. If it is possible to save time on things that doesn’t give you benefit- save it. Example today I took taxi to my next location, not the public transportation and saved at least 40 minutes. It cost me 3,5 euros more, but I managed to be home at my computer as planned and possibly make much more money.
  3. Categories. My Google Calendar has categories. I categorize events by colors. I have 5 categories and for now think that’s enough, but I could add some, if I feel like it. Categories are following:
    1. Red- work tasks, which makes money now.
    2. Dark green- Long term tasks.
    3. Orange- personal tasks (I know in video I mentioned them as separate, that are Rose/Pink color, but that was just because my those events already gone by).
    4. Light blue- workout tasks.
    5. Light green- learning tasks.
  4. Review what you have done before the sleep. I would love if Google Calendar would feature check boxes, so I can cross out or mark out the events, which I did already. I know there are some calendars, which feature this thing, like Outlook, but I like using Google Calendar, so hopefully I will find some plugin for that. Now I like to put things I did that day in my Attack Goal Planner. It helped me to be much more productive. I usually keep the planner next to my bed, so it’s easier for me to remember, that I have to write in it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and video – I really wanted to be completely transparent with what I do each day and hopefully it will benefit you.  If it does, I would love to hear what you think and what your experience is.  Be sure to leave a comment below.


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