If you are like me, you probably at the end of every year wonder, why my plan for this year didn’t work. What I did wrong? What I did right? This year I found out, that I don’t really carry paper planner with myself all the time, so I decided to Plan 2018 with Evernote and Google Docs.

This year I decided to quit planning for year ahead and just mark out tasks, what I need to each month and track what I have done. I want more to focus on doing, not planning what to do. As well I am super happy, that I can use all the tools for free, so I don’t need to spend extra money, probably some 40$ on new planner.

Evernote is great tool for keeping up your stuff in one place, which is accessible by computer or mobile phone.

Google Docs is easy to access and integrate in Evernote, as well you can update it on the go if you have mobile phone. No need to turn on the light at night to just write down some task for tomorrow.

Watch the video how I set out the plan for 2018 and let me know what you think, maybe I need to add some things, maybe remove some things. Would be happy to read your comments.

Important! If the Youtube video gets 1000 Likes, then I will add Evernote templates, which you can download for free here.