How to plan week? Do you plan your week? If you are like me, when I was younger, I didn’t plan nothing. Now however I figured out, that when I plan, even if I don’t do 100% or even 50%, I still do 30-40%, so imagine, if all your life you would have done 35-40% of what you wanted, by now you would be millionaire.

My daily life before this weekly planning was- I wake up, do some few tasks and don’t understand what to do next, so I sit in Youtube and watch some funny videos. That happens daily and after a while I understand, that I have been only watching funny videos and doing small necessary tasks. However if I plan even the day, I do much more. I do at least 25%, which is already good. That means I lived 1-2 days out of the week productively.

I use Google calendar. I found it most easiest for me, as I have Android phone, so it sync everywhere. I can go to any computer and see my calendar. For week plan I try to use RPM method. If you are interested in how RPM planning works, check out this blog post How to do Rapid Planning Method (Tony Robbins RPM Method). It will help you get started. As well video bellow shows tutorial how I do planning.

Lot of successful people plan days, weeks, months (coming up soon) and years (coming up soon). I try to use RPM method, which basically unites similar tasks into one. Example, if I need to meet my girlfriend and eat dinner, I unite them into one event.

Share in comments how you plan week, but here is mine this weeks planning video.

Watch full video on How to plan week on Youtube



  1. I use weekly planning method to plan out my week.
  2. I use Google calendar and use recurring events to plan daily activity.
  3. I categorize events using colors.
  4. I set reminders 5-10 minutes before the event.
  5. I try to stick with my main plans, however I adjust daily, as sometimes I have some different things happening.
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