I am starting new category- 3 steps. This is simple three step process, which apply to everything. First 3 step process video is for planning the life. How to plan a life? Sounds big, right? It is important and everyone should do it. Planning life doesn’t take a lot, but benefits are tremendous.

Step 1: Evaluate current situation

Find out where are you currently in your life. If you don’t know where you are currently, you will not change anything or will not feel change.

There are six areas to evaluate:

Self development- workouts, skills, knowledge.

Financial situation- how are you doing financially, do you have savings, do you have money in the bank.

Relationships- current relationships with family, your lover or friends. How you are doing in this area? Are you single or not?

Career- do you work in the field you want to work, do you like your job? What is next step for you? Can you grow in your workplace? Is it what you want?

Health- how healthy are you? Do you exercise often, do you stretch in the morning? Do you eat good and do you have healthy habits- like not drinking alcohol or not smoking.

Spiritually- do you understand and accept yourself? Are you connected to God or your higher power? Do you feel self aware of the world around you? Do you feel loved? Maybe you need to meditate?

Grade all these areas and see, where you want to put focus on. Sometimes it is career, sometimes it is relationships, sometimes health. Find your priority.

Step 2: Put main goal in each area

Find one big goal for each area. Put it as ultimate success. If you have only 5 minutes left to live, what you want to say, that you achieved in each area? Main goal is like the most important thing in that area. Example, if you are single, then main goal could be to marry and have family. Go through all areas and find the main thing you want to achieve in each area. Main goal should be big, but realistic.

Step 3: Action plan

How can you move closer to main goal? What is first step you should do to achieve the main goal? Then start focusing, what else can you do?

I would suggest to write 20 things you could do to achieve the main goal. If you don’t have enough knowledge in the area. Example you are too shy to approach people. You put goal ┬áto take some classes on communication or pick up. It is action item. Now review them and see, which you can achieve in one year, which needs more work. Example, you can easily achieve $100,000 in one year if you are making $50,000, but it will be much harder for you to understand how to achieve $1,000,000 in one year. Go up slowly, with ultimate goal in your vision and you will succeed.

Watch full summary on Youtube How to plan life?

These are 3 key steps of every life planning guides. Hope now you understand how to plan life. It’s time to start doing it!

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