Here is rank of American dreams! Which ones apply to you? Can you rank them? Which one you have reached? Imagine that you can reach them all? Will it make you truly happy?

Percent ranking- is how important this dream is for most Americans.

Dream Element Percent Ranking
It Important Having a happy home life 97.8
Giving children a good education 95.7
Competent, affordable health care 91.6
Having a job you like 90.4
Having enough savings 88.7
Owning a home 82.3
Sending children to a good college 78.7
Living well in retirement 72.4
Being free of debt 71.3
Having enough free time 69.7
Having a job that pays well 69.3
Having children 69.3
Getting ahead on your job 64.4
Being able to work as many years as you want 64
Having your home appreciate in value 62.3
Being married 62.3
Living in a nice community 60.3
Being able to travel when you want to 43.3
Having money for occasional luxuries 43.3
Being able to leave inheritance for children 30
Retiring early 26.7
Owning your own business 23
Owning a late-model car 10.7
Owning a vacation home 7

Do you agree with this list? Which dreams are important to you? Go through them and mark out which ones you want to reach in next 3 years.

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