How to change habits, so good habits replace bad habits. Have you struggling with bad habits and trying to implement new ones. Almost all people have bad habits, like smoking, drinking, social network addiction, porn addiction and many more. Wouldn’t it be cool to change those habits and implement new ones, like workout, do hardest task in the morning or read more?

Step 1: Pick your challenge


Most easiest way to change the habits is to challenge yourself to do it. Commit yourself for at least 21 day to do something. Even if you fail on day 7 or 10, don’t give up. Just continue again and again until you get all 21 days in the row doing the new habit. For me the easiest is to start with 3-5 new good habits or to eliminate 3-5 bad habits. When I master 3-5 habits, I can put in more. When I can do these 3-5 for 21 days straight, I may go to 30 day challenge or even 90 day challenge. After that to 365 day challenge. When you can do habit for 365 days, it becomes automatical.

Step 2: Set yourself reminder

You must remember to check to track your habit. Secret is to set reminder after your workday. Example, if you didn’t do exercise in the morning because something came up, then after the work is perfect time to catch up on exercise. You still will have time to catch up and change your evening to be more productive to develop yourself. Quality time is much more important.

Step 3: Check in every day

Remember one truth- check your habit every day. Set up reminder or just remember that before you floss your teeth or doing some other evening habit, you must check your daily habits and cross them out. There is different ways how to track your habits, some do it with pen and paper however I use mobile apps, The Habit Factor Pro to track my habits. That works for me great.

If you want to read more on this subject, I suggest you to get book: Procrastination Ends Now: 12 Secrets to Boost your Productivity, Increase Motivation and Develop New Habits in 21 Days. If you can’t decide with what habits come up to, I read some time ago book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which gives you great insight for the best habits to implement in your life to be successful.

Watch full summary on Youtube How to change habits?

These are 3 key steps to change your habits. Trust me, you deserve better life and with good habits, your life will become joy ride, with no regrets every day.

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