Goal setting has been part of my life for many years. Usually people set yearly goals and do not achieve them. 90% of people fail goals on second month. I am no exception. I fail on yearly goals every year, so this year I will do everything different. I tried this method in December, and it works.

What will change about my goal setting this year?

  1. There will be no yearly goals!
  2. I will track progress, not try to focus on goals.
  3. I will compare progress and goals monthly.

I’ve found by doing this, it’s created a great standard for my life. I use Diary and progress trackers to achieve my goals.

While I’m proud to have achieved many big goals during 2017 (see my 2017 goals review), I’m more motivated than ever to achieve even greater things in 2018.

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There is no LIST FOR 2018 with mystic goals, we will make sure we do actions! Yes, I will not create yearly resolution list. How many times you write, that you want to make $ 1 million dollars and end up making nothing and quit that goal after few months? Many, many times right? So I introduce new goal setting process- Attack Goal!

We all know we want lot of money, finish studies, big house, great relationships, travel and feel happy. There is no need to write out each year that and not achieve. It will just make you feel miserable and as failure. I know lot of people talk that it’s great lesson or whatever, but truth is, that by not achieving goal, people feel bad.

We will not set out goals, but track our progress. Like in Role Playing Game, like in Final Fantasy. When you start the game, you are nothing, but as you progress, you can beat bigger enemies, or in your case bigger obstacles to be successful. At start of the game character doesn’t know how good he can be, if the level 99 is final or is there 100 or maybe even 1000 level.

4 tools you need to achieve your Goals

  1. Daily diary– You can use any, but I suggest using my Google docs Diary or Champion planner. Regular pen & paper works as well if you are old school. There you will reflect good and bad things, what happened that day.
  2. Progress tracker– one of most important tools and great way to track progress in each area and celebrate success. You can learn how to create progress tracker HERE. You update it daily together with Diary.
  3. Google calendar or iCal– tool that can plan out your day. Pen and paper works fine. You want to plan your time gaps day before or in the morning. If you want to see more about time planning, then follow this link to my course.
  4. Monthly planner– yes, not yearly, but monthly planner. This you will update once a month. You can download it free with FREE Champion planner package 2018! Just be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive cool FREE stuff for me.

My want to do list in 2018:

I look at this list once per year, as it is want to do list, not to do list. Tip: Don’t put there things, that are not 100% depending on your actions.


  • Make at least $ 120,000 to buy new apartment


  • Take my girlfriend to some island or warm place to strengthen our relationship.


  • Want to live for few weeks or maybe month in some warm and cool place near Middle sea.
  • Upgrade my 1 floor house to 2 floor house


  • Make my e-wrestling federation from hobby to business and attract people.
  • Play video games
  • Read books.


  • Host few parties with my family.


  • Get to 13% body fat


Make my blog Attackgoal.com popular and reach 100k subscribers

Quit bad habits:

  • Drinking
  • Eating more sugar than I need
  • Eating more calories than I need

How to achieve every goal?

If you read want list, then you feel those goals are nice to do, but you not really will do them. Even if I put them as SMART goals, then I will not follow through. What is the use to put that I will read 12 books per year, if I forget about that goal in few months. Even if I remember, then I try to catch up and burn myself out, same goes with other goals, so very important is to progress consistent and slowly.

Here comes help: Progress tracker

Progress tracker tracks what you did every day, so now I will set these goals in progress tracker, so you understand how it works.


Type Goal Target 3 month breakdown Done Percent Left Jan
Money Money 120000 30000 1000 0.84% 119000 1000
Health Push ups 12000 3000 445 3.85% 11555 445
Hobby BBW shows 128 32 0 0.00% 128 0
Career Blog posts 30 7.5 1 3.45% 29 1
Career Monthly reports 12 3 0 0.00% 12 0
Career Attackgoal videos 52 13 2 4.00% 50 2

So as you can see, I see my target, I see how much I need to do and percent what I have done. Percents replace levels in RPG. As well what is important, there is, how much is left and how much I progressed on exact month. I have around 30 tracking points for myself, it includes days when I don’t do bad habit and other.

Accountability tracker for goals

Take your phone, it’s probably nearby anyway and set up alarm at most likely time you will be home and free. For me it is 8 PM, just to update my diary and my today tracker progress. It’s easy as that. When you will update those both, you will see what you are missing out on.

Every year, I also go through the 100 Day Challenge as a way for me to get a big boost of momentum towards achieving my goals. My secret weapon to achieving my goals has been using accountability systems, such as the 100 Day Challenge, which has given me that extra edge throughout the year to push myself harder. The biggest mistake people make when setting goals is never even checking them again or measuring them regularly, which is what this 100 Day Challenge helps you to do.

As well you can share your progress on social networks or with friends or family. It will make you accountable. That way you will be likely be following up with you throughout the year, reminding you of the commitment that you made to them, which will make you more likely to follow through on them.

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