Sometimes it just takes decision and reason to change your life. I did some stupid things Thursday and found myself very hangover Friday. Basically I just got drunk and did some stupid things, like broke my phone screen, got into argument, when my mom came to congratulate me on my name day, I was hangover.

Phone screen as symbol

I have to wait for replacement of the screen for 2 weeks, so every day I have to look at my broken phone screen as reminder, that my life was broken that day. It motivates me to not go back there and live better.

I watched tons of video and read ton of stuff how life change when you don’t drink for few weeks. I am 32 already, so it’s about damn time to change. I need to fix this life. I put 2 weeks to challenge, as 30 days sometimes are just too long term. My thought is that if I do it 2 weeks, I can increase to 3 and 4. Maybe in the end will do even 60 day challenge.

My priorities these 2 weeks

  1. No drinking alcohol- I will update daily my progress and see my pluses and minuses.
  2. Work- dedicate my time for work. Eliminate distractions. Try to do main tasks at least.
  3. Get off my belly fat. I am fat, from drinking and not working out, so that’s the priority number 3.
  4. Clean up my life. Get my place fix up. Live in nice environment.

What I will do?

  1. About drinking- obviously first thing is to not meet people, who drink and party. It shouldn’t be too hard, as all my top friends are on sober challenges as well.
  2. Work- dedicate at least enough time to complete nr. 1 priority task of the day. Just need to make that dollar bill.
  3. Workout like 2 times per week with weights and 3 times a week in the mornings go for swimming pool. That should clean me up good. Think I will do 3 day juicing as well.
  4. Fix my house and environment around me. Not waste time on bad relationships.

Well today is Day 2 of 14 days. Hope my challenge will go on and I will update it once I complete it on my Youtube channel.