Have you ever woken up after the binge drinking and thought, why I do it? I had one of those days, when I woke up Friday totally hangover and not feeling good at all. I am 32 and I drunk myself like 22 guy. Let me tell, I have pretty good life, but one thing led to other and again Thursday came and I was drunk. So I decided to change that and follow through with 2 week sober program.

Watch the video of My 2 weeks no alcohol challenge

Overall I can say, it’s good experience when you accomplish any goal, this was one of those.

Biggest benefits

  • Not wasting time in the morning on hangover
  • Lot more energy
  • Lost some weight
  • Not eating junk food, as you know on hangover sometimes you want to grab that burger
  • Feeling more proud of myself
  • Lot less financial expenses
  • Not so much embarrassment

Biggest minuses

  • Similar daily life
  • Sometimes head is very heavy and not clear at all, like foggy
  • More focus on things I love
  • Easier to do productive work

Why only 14 days?

That was my first question. I mean, I could have done more, but thing is that 14 days are good starting point and if I did more, then nothing much would change. Of course I could have lost more weight, but overall, I just felt that I needed that drink. Proudest thing is that after I got drunk on day 14, I still after that survived one week without drinks. My goal was not to eliminate alcohol completely, but minimize it by lot and don’t go on binge drinking.

Will I do it again?

Yes! I mean, why not? The pluses are more than minuses. It is worth it. Previously I did 21 day no alcohol challenge, where I couldn’t drink. This is beneficial to do it yearly. I mean you don’t need to eliminate alcohol completely from your life, just minimize it.